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The sMs Audio Electronics and "State Machine" Story

“State Machine” is 45 year old William “Bill” Manganaro. He was born and raised in Eastern Long Island, New York.  Bill studied electronics and electrical engineering at “Suffolk College” , “New York Institute of Technology”, and “Warren national University”.  He was member of the NYIT honor society during his studies there. He currently majors in mathematics and digital signal processing at “Warren Nation University”. Bill has held technical and engineering positions at two major Long Island electronics companies for the past 24 years where he currently contributes in the design and development of search and rescue radar systems for the United States Coast Guard. Bill also holds company patents in the areas of digital signal processing and embedded control. He is creator of a new company, “sMs Audio Electronics”, which supplies specialty products for the audio synthesis market and features some very fine designs from the notable “Thomas Henry”.


Bill has also been composing electronic music for over seven years with four full length original compact disk recordings to his credit with a fifth ready to be released. He has enjoyed tinkering with electronic sound gadgets since age nine when his mother bought him an electronics experimenter’s kit from “Radio Shack” and started making circuits that oscillated and amplified and recorded those sounds often with narration of his experiments on a small portable tape recorder. Bill often likes to work with digital and analog equipment, usually computers and analog modular synthesizers, and loves to bridge old and new technologies in his studio for music making. Sounds are usually recorded to his two computers from electronic instruments of his own design, instruments that have been constructed in his studio, or commercially available instruments. Using computer software, external hardware samplers, and other sound manipulators, he composes his music from these recorded sounds and melodies along with the use of software sound synthesis programs. The work is time consuming but rewarding.